by Kat the Perler

"Two-Handed weapons do more damage than one-handed weapons, but don’t block as effectively."

― The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Weapon Bonus

A weapon’s bonus adds to the shift value of a successful hit. So, if you have Weapon:2, it means that any hit is worth 2 more shifts than it would normally be. This counts for ties, so when you’re using a weapon, you inflict stress on a tie instead of getting a boost. That makes weapons very dangerous.

Weapon Wear

The bonus damage a weapon inflicts depends on its quality and wear. A weapon’s bonus is initially equal to its overall quality, the maximum amount of damage it can deal. When used badly, its effectiveness gets diminished through Wear, and so does its bonus. A weapon can be repaired through Smithing, but its bonus can never exceed its initial quality.

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