"The Two-Handed skill dictates the effectiveness of greatswords, battleaxes, and warhammers."

― The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Overcome.png Overcome:

You can use your Skill with a two-handed weapon to overcome obstacles like an uncut rope, a barrel that has not yet been bashed or a tree that still stands.

Create.png Create an Advantage:

You don’t really create things with two-handed weapons. But you can threaten people with a sword to their throat or disarm an opponent in a duel.

Attack Attack:

When you wield a two-handed weapon, use this Skill to attack an opponent. You can only attack opponents who are in the same zone as you. To attack opponents further away, you need to first move to their zone.

Defend Defend:

You can use a one-handed weapon to parry an Attack from a melee weapon. You can parry other two-handed weapons as well as one-handed ones.

Critical Fumbles

Main article: Critical Rolls

When you roll a Critical Fumble while attacking, defending or otherwise using a Weapon. your weapon takes a hit, and its weapon rating gets diminished by 1. When this reduces your weapon’s rating to 0, it breaks and you can no longer use it.

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