"Stamina is used to sprint and execute power attacks. Sprinting in Heavy Armor uses more stamina than sprinting in Light Armor or clothing."

― The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Stamina is one of the four major resources used in this adaptation of Fate Core for the Elder Scrolls universe. It represents your character’s physical energy, used to perform various strenuous activities, particularly power attacks, bashing, or sprinting.

Stamina Points
Stamina Point

Use playing tokens—ideally some sort of green poker chip or similar—to represent how much Stamina you have during play. You can spend these Stamina points to power physical Stunts to perform physical efforts. You regain Stamina when resting, or drinking Stamina Potions.

Stamina Points are different from Fate Points in that you cannot use them to invoke Aspects and you cannot gain them from Aspects being compelled.

Stamina Base

Your Stamina base is the maximum number of Stamina points you can have at any one moment. You regain up to your base number of Stamina points when you have some time to catch your breath—normally after a conflict or scene.

You can temporarily increase your Stamina base by using “Fortify Stamina” potions, enchantments or spells. Your base can also be temporarily decreased by poisons or diseases. At a Major Milestone you can choose to increase your Stamina base by +1—or your Magicka base, your Health, or your Luck.

Disease Resistance

Your Stamina base value counts as your body’s passive resistence against Diseases. The higher your metabolism, the lower the time an infection can wreck havoc to your body. When you run the risk of being infected with a disease, roll an Overcome action against your Stamina base value to see if it takes hold.

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