"The Smithing skill is used to create weapons and armor from raw materials, or improve existing non-magical weapons and armor."

― The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Overcome.png Overcome:

You can repair damage to your weapons or armor by rolling against the size of the damage. You cannot repair a piece of equipment which is broken, only one that has lost its bonuses through Wear.

Create.png Create an Advantage:

You can create advantages on weapons like “Newly Sharpened” which grant you a bonus on damage, but not your attack roll. The general guideline is that if you create an advantage on an item that provides a bonus, you can only use the free invoke in the same manner as the bonus.

Such a temporary enhancement usually just lasts until it is used. To create more durable augmentations on your gear, you will need the right resources and enough time.

Crafting Gear

You can in principle create a new piece of equipment, but that is a long process. Depending on the object you want to create, you will need anything from a few days to several weeks out even months to craft it. So best do your smithing when you reach a Milestone. Additionally, you require the relevant crafting materials and tools.

Crafting great requires you to do a challenge—a series of rolls—rather than just one action. The outcome of reach roll determines whether you succeed at all, and of what quality the object will be.

The right Materials

Skill Check: Scholarship

Yes, a blacksmith does need to know their materials and their techniques, there is as much knowledge involved in the smithing process than there is skill. Look up the item you intend to create and take its common quality as your target number for all three rolls in the process. You need to succeed in this step to proceed, any boost you gain only applies to the next step in the process.

Working the Metal

Skill Check: Smithing

Once you have your piece of equipment planned, you need to work the materials just right. This stage lays the groundwork for the item’s quality. You need to succeed in this step to proceed, any boost you gain only applies to the next step in the process.

Final Touches

Skill Check: Smithing

Now you have to put together your new piece of equipment. Fasten those strips of leather, attack the cross-guard, or tie the bowstring.

When you tie, you assemble the piece of equipment, but you do a poor job and its quality is reduced by 1.

When you succeed, you create an item of the intended quality.

When you succeed with style, your item is skillfully made and of +1 better quality than normally.

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