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"Attacks can be blocked with either a shield or a weapon, but shields are much more effective."

― The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Shields can be actively used to defend yourself against incoming damage. Other than Armor it adds its bonus directly to your defend roll, and not only after you have already been successful. To defend with a Shield, use your Brawl skill.

Shield Values

A Shield values adds a bonus to your Defend rolls. This bonus only applies when you defend using a Shield and not your Weapon. To defend with a Shield you use your Brawl Skill and not your One-Handed Skill, even if you use it to Attack with a one-handed Weapon alongside your Shield. So, Shield:1 grants you a +1 bonus when defending against an attack, using your Brawl Skill.

Shield Condition

The bonus a Shield grants on your defend rolls depends on its current Condition. A Shield’s Condition is initially equal to its overall quality, the maximum bonus it can grant. When used badly, its Condition gets diminished through Wear, and so does its Shield value. Shields can be repaired through Smithing, but its value can never exceed its initial quality.

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