"The Lockpicking skill is used to open locked doors and containers faster and with fewer broken lockpicks."

― The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Security Skill involves know-how about anything that has to do with mechanisms intended to keep people out of or inside something. This includes picking locks, cracking safes, opening seals unnoticed, and setting or disabling physical traps.


Overcome.png Overcome:

You can use your Security Skill to overcome a lock on a door or chest, to detect and disable traps, or figure out intricate mechanisms. Basically, use this Skill whenever you need something opened, locked, disabled, jury-rigged or booby trapped.

Create.png Create an Advantage:

When you create traps rather than disabling them, create an advantage with Security to set up a source of passive opposition. Anyone or anything that does not overcome the opposition, gets caught in the trap.

You can also create advantages using Security when you “Carefully Plan your Escape Route” or do a “Surveillance on the Place’s Security” beforehand.

Defend Defend:

You cannot actively defend yourself using Security, but you can create sources of passive opposition like “Barricades around the Camp” or “Bolted Shut Gates” before an expected attack.

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