"There are loremaster among you, heads so heavy with learning that you cannot raise your eyes to the heavens to see the truth there written!"

― The Prophet; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Overcome.png Overcome:

Use your Scholarship to read the ancient script on a dungeon wall or know which side won the Great War of the Fourth Era. Use this Skill to overcome any obstacle that requires applying your character’s knowledge to achieve a goal, you can use Scholarship as a go-to skill any time you need to know if your character can answer a difficult question, where some tension exists in not knowing the answer.

Create.png Create an Advantage:

You can call on your accumulated knowledge to spout facts about a piece of history, a wild growing plant, or the underground Skooma trade. Whenever you come up with a useful piece of information, you can use it to your advantage and get free invokes on it.

Your Scholarship Skill can be used to create new Aspects or uncover hidden Aspects of your game, depending on whether or not the GM has already laid out the particular piece of information you seek.

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