"Our reality is a perception of greater forces impressed upon us for their amusement. Some say that these forces are the gods, other that they are something beyond the gods."

― The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Overcome.png Overcome:

Want to find something? Detect a smell? Eavesdrop on other people? Then use you Perception skill to overcome the danger of not being able to do so.

Create.png Create an Advantage:

When hearing, seeing, smelling, or even tasting something gives you an advantage, then roll Create an Advantage instead of Overcome.

Defend Defend:

When you actively try to perceive something or someone who tries to hide from you or deceive you, you can pose active opposition and roll a Defend move using Perception against them. Note however, that if there is no good reason for you to actively look for or detect something, you only pose a passive opposition.

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