"Magicka is the energy used to power spells. The higher the magicka, the more spells that can be cast."

― The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

There are many theories as to where magicka comes from. According to a legend, Magicka is what is left of Magnus’ power when he was all but destroyed in the creation of the mortal plane. It is likely that Magicka is also made up of the residual power of the other creators of Nirn. Other theories include that when Magnus created Mundus, he unintentionally tore a hole into Aetherius, with his lesser deities opening smaller cracks, which allowed magicka to flow through stars. Others explain as being accumulated life-force of dead organisms, which mages tap to convert into magical spells, and so on.

Magicka Points
Magicka Point

Use playing tokens—ideally some sort of blue poker chip or similar—to represent how much Magicka you have during play. You can spend these Magicka points to power magical Stunts and cast Spells. You gain Magicka when resting, drinking Magicka Potions, or using an absorption spell.

Magicka Points are different from Fate Points in that you cannot use them to invoke Aspects and you cannot gain them from Aspects being compelled.

Magicka Base
Magicka Base

Your Magicka base is the maximum number of Magicka points you can have at any one moment. You regain up to your base number of Magicka points when you have some time to catch your breath—normally after a conflict or scene.

You can temporarily increase your Magicka base by using “Fortify Magicka” potions, enchantments or spells. Your base can also be temporarily decreased by poisons or diseases. At a Major Milestone you can choose to increase your Magicka base by +1—or your Stamina base, your Health, or your Luck.

Mental Resistance

Your Magicka base value also represents the strength of your spirit. A stronger mind can not only harness more Magicka at a time, it is also better at resisting attempts of being manipulated through magic. When someone tries to manipulate your mind with an Illusion spell, they need to roll against the passive resistance of your Magicka base value.

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