“‘The best techniques are passed on by the survivors.’ Gaiden Shinji, 1E 490.”

—The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Luck is one of the four major resources used in this adaptation of Fate Core for the Elder Scrolls universe. It is a more flavored name for Fate Points and Refresh. Fate Core’s Fate point mechanic is split up into Luck—which covers the invoking and compelling of aspects and are regained via your Refresh—and Magicka and Stamina points—which cover the powering of stunts and spells, but are regained more quickly, like Stress.

Luck Points
Luck Point

Use playing tokens—ideally some sort of poker chip that are neither blue nor green—to represent how much Luck you have during play. You can spend Luck points to invoke useful aspects to gain a bonus on your skill checks or to re-roll a bad throw. You gain Luck points by having aspects compelled against you or having aspects invoked on rolls against you.

Luck Points are different from Fate Points in that you cannot use them to power your stunts but only to invoke and compel aspects. For powering stunts, Magicka and Stamina points are being used.

Luck Refresh

Your Luck base is the number of Luck points you regain at the start of every session. You regain up to your base number of Luck points, if you have more points left over at the end of a session, you keep those. If you have less, you regain the amount of points needed to reach your Luck Refresh again.

At a Major Milestone you can choose to increase your Luck refresh by +1—or your Magicka base, your Health, or your Stamina.

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