"Resting restores your Health, Magicka, and Fatigue."

― The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Health is one of the four major resources used in this adaptation of Fate Core for the Elder Scrolls universe. Health is like the Fate Core physical stress tract.

Health Stress

Your character has a certain number of stress boxes in their health tract. These boxes are numbered from 1 to 4 and can absorb that amount of damage. You can only mark one box each time you take damage, but you can absorb some of the damage by marking Consequences. The number of Health boxes you have in your tract, the more damage can you absorb.

At a Major Milestone you can choose to increase your Health by adding the next higher stress box to your tract—or increase your Magicka base, your Luck, or your Stamina. If you already have all four stress boxes, you can spend a final point on Health to gain an additional Mild (2) Consequence.


Your character initially has three Consequences at their disposal: One mild (2), a moderate (4), and a severe (6) Consequence. When your Health reaches +5, you get an additional mild (2) Consequence. You can fill in a Consequence to reduce the stress you would otherwise need to absorb by marking off a stress box.

In order to recover a Consequence, you either have to treat your wounds with a recovery Overcome action and wait to heal, or use Restoration Spells like “Mend Wounds” to immediately heal them. The difficulty is based on the shift value of the consequence. Mild is Fair (+2), moderate is Great (+4), and severe is Fantastic (+6).

If you do a mundane recovery action and succeed, you get to rename the consequence aspect and mark it with a start to show that it’s in recovery. This doesn’t free up the consequence slot, but it serves as an indicator that you’re recovering. To fully clear the consequence you then need to wait and heal:

  • For a mild consequence, you only have to wait one whole scene.
  • For a moderate consequence, you have to wait one whole session.
  • For a severe consequence, you have to wait one whole scenario.

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