Critical Rolls

A critical roll is when you roll either all pluses (+4) or all minuses (-4) irrelevant of added values or whether you fail, tie or succeed:

= Critical Hit
= Critical Fumble

Critical Hit

Critical Fumble

When you roll all minuses on a Skill roll, you can still succeed, given you have a high enough Skill rank or can invoke enough Aspects, but in addition to whatever outcome you get, you also suffer certain negative consequences. What kind of consequence you suffer depends on the kind of action you attempted to perform.

Equipment Wear:

Main article: Wear

When you roll a critical fumble during combat, your gear takes damage. This affects your Weapons, Armor, and Shields.

Targeted Spells:

When you roll a critical fumble while casting a spell, you fumble and hit the wrong target, the spell instead hits whatever is closest to your intended target.

Negative Side-Effects:

On any action that has no clearly described rules for critical fumbles, you can generate unforeseen negative side-effects. Keep in mind, that even though a player fumbles, they may still succeed on their action. If they succeed, their success should take a slightly negative turn or pose new problems. If they fail, the failure should be that extra amount of hurtful of unfortunate. Some additional thing goes wrong, equipment fails, or you lose someone.

Although these side-effects can seem like compells, they should take the form: “Even though [Outcome] happens, unforeseeably [Problem]”, rather than the usual form a compell takes: “Because of [Aspect] it makes sense that [Problem]”. They are more random and don’t have to depend on pre-established problems or Aspects.

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Critical Rolls

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