"A Master of Hand to Hand can perform a forward power attack with a chance of paralyzing."

― The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Overcome.png Overcome:

You can use Brawl to overcome any obstacles that require the application of brute force—like moving stuff out of your way—or any other physical impedance, like prison bars or locked gates. Brawl is the Skill to use for arm-wrestling matches and other contests of pure strength. For contests of endurance, use Athletics.

Create.png Create an Advantage:

Brawl has a lot of potential for advantages in physical conflict, usually related to grappling and holding someone in place, making them “Locked Down” or “Stunned” through bashing them with your shield.

Attack Attack:

You make physical attacks with Brawl when you don’t use any weapon. Consequently, this style of fighting is for close-combat only, so you have to be in the same zone as your opponent. You will also find it hard to fight a heavily armed opponent with only your hands and feet.

Defend Defend:

You can use your Brawl Skill to defend yourself against a weapon using a Shield, or in a hand-to-hand fight with your bare limbs. When defending with a Shield, you can always add its shield value to your defend roll.

Critical Fumbles

Main article: Critical Rolls

When you roll a Critical Fumble when you defend yourself with a Shield, your shield takes a hit and its bonus on defense gets diminished by 1. When this reduces your shield’s rating to 0, it breaks and you can no longer use it.

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