by Shagan Fury

"Heavy Armor absorbs more damage, but it also weighs more than Light Armor."

― The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Armor provides you with an extra layer of protection from damage. Although a piece of Armor does not help you to defend yourself—it cannot be invoked to grant bonuses on a defend roll—it does reduce the amount of damage you have to absorb through stress.

Armor Values

An Armor value reduces the shifts of a successful hit. So, Armor:2 makes any hit worth 2 less than usual. If you hit, but the target’s Armor reduces the shift value to 0 or below, you get a boost to use on your target but don’t do any harm. A piece of Armor’s value is always equal to its current Condition.

Armor Condition

The amount of damage a piece of Armor subtracts is dependent on its current Condition. A piece of Armor’s Condition is initially equal to its overall quality, the maximum amount of damage it can absorb. When used badly, its Condition gets diminished through Wear, and so does its Armor value. Armor can be repaired through Smithing, but its value can never exceed its initial quality.

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