"The Alchemy skill determines the creation and potency of potions and poisons."

― The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Overcome.png Overcome:

You can use your knowledge and expertise in alchemical matters to identify a plant, a Poison or Potions, or you can convince someone of your alchemical proficiency by giving the right answers to questions. This Skill can replace your Scholarship skill in such cases.

Create.png Create an Advantage:

Besides gaining advantages through your alchemy knowledge, you can also brew Poison or Potions, if you have the right ingredients and know the right recipes.

Attack Attack:

Although you cannot attack with Alchemy directly, you can apply a created Poison to your weapon to enhance your attack.

Brewing Potions

You can in principle create your own Potions and Poison as long as you have access to the equipment to brew, distill, or otherwise process your ingredients. Brewing a potion requires you to do a challenge—a series of rolls—rather than just one action. The outcome of reach roll determines whether you succeed at all, and of what quality the object will be.

The Right Ingredients

Skill Check: Scholarship

The first step in brewing any potion or poison is knowing which ingredients you will need and in what combination. If you have a recipe this step will be much easier. Look up the effect you intend your potion to have and take its difficulty as you target number for each step. You need to succeed in this step to proceed, any boost you gain only applies to the next step in the process.

Gathering Ingerdients

Skill Check: Perception

When you know which ingredients you need, you can proceed to assemble them, either by gathering them from your environment—which might be more difficult when you’re in a “Glacial Cavern”, and much easier if for example you posses a “Bag of Herbs”. You need to succeed in this step to proceed, any boost you gain only applies to the next step in the process.


Skill Check: Alchemy

When you have everything you need assembled, you can start brewing and concocting. this process will take some time, not only a minute but maybe not a whole day.

When you tie, your brew does not posses any noticeable effect, but you gain a Boost to your next try, since you learn from your mistakes.

When you succeed, you create a brew of potency # equal to your shifts, you can choose to create any number of portions with a combined value of #.

When you succeed with style, you have memorized the potions recipe and its making, you create an Aspect that can be invoked to brewing this type of potion.
(This aspect can only be acquired once per potion)

Critical Fumbles

Main article: Critical Rolls

When you roll a critical fumble, instead of failing, or diminishing the Potion’s potency, you accidentally mix in certain side-effects creating additional ingredients. Mark the fumbled potion with a star and tell the GM when the Potion is consumed, to determine which side-effects it produces.

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