Tally Dice

Tally Dice is a shorthand name for rolling a variable number of Fate Dice, but instead of summing up pluses and minuses, you count the number of lines on the die faces. A plus symbol (+) consists of 2 lines, hence counts as a 2. A minus symbol [-] consists of 1 line, therefor counts as a 1. The empty side is a 0 as usual.

= 1

= 2

= 3

= 4

= 6

= 8

This method of tallying your Fate Dice has the advantage of producing a peak probability of resulting in the number of Tally Dice you roll, with a minimum of 0, and a maximum of double the number of dice. So if you want some randomness, but centered around a specific number, roll that number of Tally Dice.

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Tally Dice

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