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"When casting spells, wait for the spell to be ready before releasing the control. The spell is cast when you release."

― The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Cast a Spell

Casting a spell works like doing the standard four actions—Overcome, Create an Advantage, Attack, or Defend—you pick a target when required, roll your dice and add your Skill rank, and produce the effects given by the rules of the Spell.

In order to cast a Spell, you need to quickly prepare it. To do so, you need at least one free hand to do the gestures and hold the readied Spell in place. This readying action is only a minor action and does not require a whole turn.

As long as you hold your Spell prepared, or cast it, you hold it in at least one hand like you would hold a weapon. Unlike a weapon, you can drop the Spell and equip something else in one minor action without loosing it or having to recover it.

Learning Spells

You can learn new Spells by being instructed by a Teacher, or by studying it and practicing it on your own out of a Spell Tome. You need to learn it from a source that is imbued with the Spell, the trainer who knows it, or the tome that is enchanted with it. During the process of learning, you copy the spell into your own body’s arcane memory. While a teacher as a living being can retain a Spell through that process, any book will be destroyed during it.

Basic Spells

Every school of magic has certain basic Spells that can be learned and cast by anyone, even if they have no experience in that school. These spells are popular and books on how to learn them are purchasable from most general merchants.

Advances Spells

Advanced Spells are of a certain level and can only be learned by casters with at least the Spell’s level as their Skill rank in that school of magic—e.g., if you want to learn a level 3 Illusion Spell, you need to have at least a Good (+3) Illusion Skill.


Main article: Spellcrafting

You can also create your own new Spells based on spell effects you already know, modify their range or area of effect, and combine multiple spell effects into a single Spell.

Spell Stunts

You can enhance you spellcasting by learning Stunts from one of the schools of magic. These Stunts can either enhance your Spells of that school or Spells of any school, as specified in the description. Some Stunts also enable you to do new minor actions or variations on Spell actions.

You can only learn as many or less Stunts from one of the schools of magic as your Skill rank. This is a general rule, and does not only apply to magical Skill, but any Skill.

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