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"Items can be stored safely in any containers in your own home. But items kept in any other containers may not be there later when you go to retrieve them…"

― The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

An Item is an object in the world that is small enough to carry it with you. It can either be useful for a certain purpose or totally useless. Any object in the world, whether they can be seen as an item or not, can be treated as an Aspect. This means, that they can be invoked and compelled whenever it makes sense.

Features of an Item

In addition to being treated as an Aspect, items have some further features. Since you can carry it with you, an item has a certain weight, represented by a simple number. For simplicity’s sake, small items will usually have a weight of 0. This does not mean, that they weigh nothing, but rather that they weigh little enough to be neglected for gameplay purposes.

Some specialized items, such as Weapons and Armor, also have an additional value that adds bonuses to certain actions. Others like Potions and Poison can be used or consumed to gain temporary advantages.

Examples of Equipment:




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There is no fixed limit to how much you can carry around with you, just be honest about where you put all that stuff and how you can still wander around at a reasonably fast pace.

That said, heavy Weapons, Shields, and Armor can weigh you down and hinder you during a conflict or when performing physical actions. Weapons and Shields have a given weight which makes them harder to wield. Armor also has its weight, but when worn, you don’t feel it as much.

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