You can craft certain item on your own, instead of needing to buy or find them. You can brew Potions and Poison, or craft items from metal, leather, or wood. In order to do so, you need to have the appropriate Skill in Smithing or Alchemy, and succeed in three actions during the crafting process.

Crafting Process

Three process of crafting an item is always a challenge—as described in the Fate Core rules—consisting of three separate overcome action rolls you need to succeed in to be successful in the entire process. Boosts from each step only apply to the next step in the crafting process, but you can create advantages beforehand, or invoke aspects to gain bonuses on any of the three main rolls.

While brewing a portion, you look up the recipe in an Alchemy book. Roll on Scholarship to gain one or two free invokes to use on preparing your Potion.

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